The Absaroka Mountain Lodge is the perfect business opportunity for those who enjoy entertaining people, a fantastic western lifestyle, and the outdoors experience.


 The Absaroka Mountain Lodge has so many great talking points to consider.  It offers a healthy and thriving guest ranch business opportunity in a classic niche of the hospitality industry – entertaining guests on a horse, with a fishing pole, around a campfire on a ranch in the mountains.  An icon of the American west and an adventurer in his own right, Teddy Roosevelt, referred to the valley of the North Fork of the Shoshone River as  the most scenic 50 miles of land in America.  That’s a pretty high recommendation from someone who experienced all of America and the west during a simpler time.  Today, guests return year after year to Absaroka Mountain Lodge to experience that same beauty, to be inspired by the towering peaks and rushing waters, and to build memories with family and friends that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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The Absaroka Mountain Lodge is located on the banks of Gunnbarrel Creek within the Shoshone National Forest and just 12 miles from the East Entrance to one of America’s greatest national parks – Yellowstone National Park.  The valley of the North Fork of the Shoshone River provides a perfect setting for the guest ranch operation.  The valley is home abundant wildlife, breathtaking scenery, and endless recreational opportunities.

Absaroka Mountain Lodge near Yellowstone National Park

The Guest Lodge is 12 miles from the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park and about 39 miles west of the enduring western town of Cody, Wyoming

Absaroka Mountain Ranch TOPO Map

Topographic map of the location of Abasaroka Mountain Lodge on Gunbarrel Creek and within the Northfork of the Shoshone River Valley


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The Absaroka Mountain Lodge was one of the first guest ranches to be built in the beautiful valley that winds with the North Fork of the Shoshone River.  The Lodge was established on the Shoshone National Forest by Earl F. Crouch in 1917 under the original name of Gunbarrel Lodge.  It was included on the National Register of Historic Places in October, 2003.

The Lodge has had several owners in the 96 years it has been in operation.  One of these previous owners was Freddy Garlow – a grandson of Buffalo Bill Cody.  Freddy owned the guest ranch from 1952 until the early 1970’s.

The Shoshone National Forest was originally set aside as the Yellowstone Forest Reserve in 1891, during the presidency of Benjamin Harrison.  This followed the establishment in 1872 of Yellowstone National Park as the first national park in the United States.  This reserve was enlarged in 1902 by President Theodore Roosevelt, and divided into four divisions which were re-designated as National Forests in 1907.  Legend has it that Theodore Roosevelt stayed at the Absaroka Mountain Lodge during one of his many hunting trips to the region.  His lodging that night continues to house guests.

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Absaroka Mountain Lodge operates under a 20-year operating lease through a Special Use Permit from the United States Forest Service.   Because the guest ranch lies Shoshone National Forest lands there is no deeded acreage offered for sale.  However, the complex of guest cabins and other historic buildings occupies a footprint of approximately 7 acres.  No “real property” is included in this offering. 

Prospective buyers will be required to complete a “Financial Ability Determination” package and submit it to the U.S. Forest Service along with business references, financial information, and a business plan.  Upon approval by the U.S. Forest Service, a Special Use Permit will be issued to the new owner and the operating lease will be reset to a full 20 year term.

The Absaroka Mountain Lodge offering includes the main lodge, owner residence, 15 guest cabins, employee bunkhouses, barn, corrals, well house, bridges, and miscellaneous shop & storage buildings. 

All personal property associated with the business also will be included in the sale.  A full inventory list of personal property included in the offering will be supplied to qualified buyers.

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The current guest season at Absaroka Mountain Lodge is nearly five months long, running from the third week of May until the third week of September.  The peak guest season is from about June 10th until August 25th of each year.

Absaroka Mountain Lodge can accommodate 65 guests when full.  Occupancy during the peak season is typically close to 100%, because any late cancellations during this time are usually filled by drop-in customers.  The occupancy rate during the off-season historically averages about 55% to 60%.

Current guest operations supported by the Absaroka Mountain Lodge include horseback trail rides, fishing, hiking, photography, rock climbing and campfire cookouts.  Trail riding is a very popular amenity among the Lodge’s guests.  Fishing is another favorite pasttime and the area creeks are home quick fighting trout.

A full service restaurant provides excellent breakfast and dinner meals.  Wholesome sack lunches are provided for the trail riders and other adventurers.   Families and children can enjoy the picnic area equipped with swing sets, bucking barrels, horseshoe pits, a volleyball sand pit, and basketball hoops.  The campfire pit is a regular attraction for guests in the evening.

The Lodge does not currently guide or outfit hunters.  To extend the guest season, the new owner may consider offering lodging & meals during the hunting season or may consider either partnering with a current outfitter/permittee or purchasing an outfitter permit to operate in conjunction with the Lodge.



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The historic guest accommodations include 15 rustic cabins. With the exception of Cabin #18, the Teddy Roosevelt Cabin, each has its own private bathroom and its own unique design and decor. The cabins include single units, duplex cabins, and those designed to accomodate large family groups. The rustic appeal of the cabins is both functional & comfortable and adds charm to the overall excitement of vacationing at the Lodge.

Photos of Some of the Guest Cabins

The Teddy Roosevelt Cabin

The historic “Teddy Roosevelt” Cabin

Cabin #1

Cabin #1

Cabin #9

Cabin #9

Cabin #6

Cabin #6

Cabin #12

Cabin #12

Cabin #15

Cabin #15

Photos of Some Cabin Interiors

Cabin Interior Cabin Interior Cabin Interior Cabin Interior Cabin Interior Cabin Interior Cabin Interior

Other improvements within the property include the owner’s seasonal residence, employee bunkhouses, barn, corrals well house, bridges, and miscellaneous shop/storage buildings.

The Lodge property benefits from a productive well and an efficiently engineered water system that provides abundant domestic water to the entire lodge complex.

The Lodge occupies a footprint of approximately 7 (seven) acres.

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“I believe our setting is the most beautiful of any
of the lodges up the Northfork”  – 
Current Owner

Absaroka Mountain Lodge

Absaroka Mountain Lodge Aerial Image Captured from the Park County, WY Mapserver


  • Sellers shall require an all cash sale.
  • A brochure is available for download.  Additional details and photos are provided therein.


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