Ranch property for sale in Johnson County, Wyoming.

Situated near Kaycee, Wyoming on the Powder River, the Chabot Ranch is a very productive property.

  • Located 12 miles east of Kaycee, Wyoming.
  • 2,436.24 +/- Acres Deeded
  • 426.7 Acres +/- BLM Lease
  • 2,862.91 +/- Acres Total

    The Chabot (“sha-bot”) siblings grew up on the ranch and worked together raising Hereford cattle and hay.  In recent years the ranch has been leased and some of the meadows have been farmed and seeded to alfalfa.

    Approximately 326.5 acres of irrigated hay meadows produce 450—550 tons of alfalfa and alfalfa grass mix hay annually.  Irrigation is by sideroll sprinklers  and flood irrigation.

    The Powder River is a major regional watershed ultimately flowing north into Montana.  It flows through the ranch for about 3 miles and the Cottonwood trees scattered along the river channel provide some livestock shelter.  Gravel bars on the edge of the river allow cattle to water from the river. 

    The Powder River Irrigation District (formerly Sussex Irrigation Co.) is the administrator of the Sahara Ditch that conveys irrigation water to the Chabot Ranch and other local ranches.  Two wells at the headquarters provide domestic and livestock water at the residence and the corrals.

    The ranch has a 10-year, 426.7-acre BLM grazing Allotment (Monument #12057) rated at 33 AUMs.  The BLM acreage is not fenced separately as it is interspersed throughout the deeded acreage.

    Wildlife & Hunting:  There is an abundance of wildlife on the ranch and in the surrounding area including antelope, mule deer, and whitetail deer; hunting is excellent.

    The elevation of the ranch ranges from 4,500’ to 4,632’ above sea level.

    Note:  the above information is subject to change.  For further information or to schedule a showing,

  • call Cheryl Summer at 307-217-2814.


Buyer must acknowledge that Seller or its predecessors in interest acquired title to the property as Trustees, that Seller while in title has not been in physical possession of the property and therefore the property is being sold to Buyer, and Buyer by acceptance of a Trustees’ Deed, accepts the property “as is”, without recourse to the Seller with no representation or warranties of any kind or nature being made by Buyer as to the condition, fitness or status of the property, except for legal title to the land.  Seller will assign to Buyer any and all warranties which Seller may have obtained by reason of its acquisition of legal title to the property.

Buyer must acknowledge that it is familiar with and has examined the real property described herein and must acknowledge that its purchase of said real property is based on its own examination and knowledge, and that of Buyer’s agents, and not of any statements of the Seller or its agents.  SELLER HAS NOT MADE, AND DOES NOT HEREBY MAKE, ANY REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY OR COVENANT, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE MERCHANTABILITY, CONDITION, QUALITY, DURABILITY, DESIGN, OPERATION, FITNESS FOR USE OR SUITABILITY OF ANY IMPROVEMENTS TO THE REAL PROPERTY OR ANY COMPONENT THEREOF IN ANY RESPECT WHATSOEVER.

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