Hay Farm and winter unit for sale near Pavillion, Wyoming.  An exceptional working irrigated farm that can be used efficiently to winter cows, horses, or a combination thereof; or, the farm could be converted back to an alfalfa and crop farm.

  • 426.6 DEEDED ACRES

The Five Mile Ranch Hay Farm & Winter Unit is a very versatile, well-watered, irrigated farm with excellent soils and well designed infrastructure.

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The Five Mile Ranch is located approximately 8.4 miles northeast of the small town of Pavillion (population: 210) in Fremont County, Wyoming at 710 North Pavillion Road.

Access from Shoshoni: Follow US Hwy 26W for 8.2 miles; turn right onto WY Hwy 134W (Missouri Valley Rd) for 17.2 miles; turn right onto Tunnel Hill Road for 3 miles; then left on W. Powerline Road for 4.9 miles; then left on N. Pavillion Road for 2.4 miles. — a total of 35.8 miles.

Access from Riverton: Follow US Hwy 26W for 8.7 miles; turn right at Kinnear onto 8-Mile Rd for 9 miles; then left on WY Hwy 134 for 2 miles; turn right on Tunnel Hill Rd. for 3 miles; turn left onto Powerline Rd. for 4.9 miles; turn left onto N. Pavillion Rd for 2.4 miles — a total of 30.0 miles.


Approximately 199.31 acres are irrigated under two Valley 7-tower center pivots that were placed in 1999 with new nozzles installed in 2014. Water for the pivots enters at the northwest corner of the property. Water to the balance of the irrigated land (124± acres) is supplied through approximately 6,900 linear feet of PVC gated pipe (8” and 10”); water for this system enters the property at the northeast corner.

Water for the pivots is filtered prior to being pumped into the system by a 40-hp, 3-phase, electric pump with a fertilizer tank and injection system.

The annual irrigation water assessment is determined by the Midvale Irrigation District and billed through the Fremont County Treasurer’s office. The annual cost in 2015 was $6,208.63 payable in two installments.

Electricity for the pivot irrigation system is provided by High Plains Power. The total cost for the 2015 irrigation season was $5,603.

Grass hay is harvested once per season. Production in 2014 and 2015 averaged approximately 3 tons per acre.

The soils on 85.7% of the farm acres are classified as ‘Class 2’. The USDA NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) productivity map shows all of the irrigated lands are at the highest level of productivity.

The entire perimeter of the property is fenced with 4-wire electric fence.

The annual precipitation for this area is 8”-10” with approximately 125 frost free days. The elevation of the property is 5,450± feet above sea level.

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2,400 sq. ft. metal shop built in 2014. 960 sq. ft. concrete slab floor; remaining 1,440 sq. ft. of floor area is dirt.

Corrals built with green treated posts and pipe. Continuous fence capable of working 1,000± head of cattle. Includes a double alley pen system with five shipping pens, two working tubs and a truck loading dock.

Two water wells located near the shop provide stock water to corrals and pasture.

There is a home site located in the northwest corner of the property with a good water well and septic system.

Note: Manufactured home presently located at this site is not included in the sale and will be removed when property sells.

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Five Mile Ranch Hay Farm & Winter Unit is bordered on the west and south by Bureau of Reclamation lands managed by the Wyoming Game & Fish. The deeded property is enrolled with the Wyoming Game & Fish as a ‘Walk-in’ Area.

Walk-in Area (WIA) is a tract of private land on which the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has leased rights for public hunting enjoyment. Public access to a WIA is limited to hunting during the time period and only for the specific species of wildlife identified for that particular county and access area number. As the name states, public access to Walk-in Areas is typically restricted to foot traffic only. All WIAs have signs posted to mark their boundaries.
Taken from:

Five Mile Ranch is located in Fremont County WIA #23, Deer Hunt Area 157 and Pheasant Hunt Area 1.

Seasons open September 1st of each year and close February 28 of the following year.

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The Five Mile Ranch Hay Farm & Winter Unit is being offered for $1,300,000.

(One Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars)

Seller shall require an all cash sale.

The Seller reserves the right to effectuate a tax-deferred real estate exchange pursuant to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury Regulations promulgated thereunder. The Buyer shall agree to cooperate and shall not incur any additional liability or expense in connection with Seller’s tax-deferred exchange.

2017 Real Estate Taxes: $1,948.30

Note: Manufactured home presently located at this site is not included in the sale and will be removed when property sells.

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