Scenic Bighorn Mountain Property for sale in Johnson County, Wyoming.

  • Located on the southern end of the Bighorn Mountains ~39 miles from Buffalo, Wyoming.
  • Abundance of wildlife.
  • Spectacular scenic vistas in all directions.
  • Cozy rustic cabin.

    The area on the southern end of the Bighorn Mountains in Johnson County, Wyoming has been known as “Bull Camp” since the late 1870’s. 

  • The Jensen Bull Camp property is a one-of-a-kind mountain property offering
  • stunning views of the Hazelton peaks;
  • endless rolling grassy meadows,
  • interesting rim rock formations,
  • beautiful stands of pine and aspen surrounding the meadows, 
  • spectacular sun sets, 
  • an abundance of wildlife including a high-quality resident elk population as well as mule deer and antelope.

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The Jensen Bull Camp is located on the southern end of the Bighorn Mountains towards “The Horn”. From Buffalo travel west on Highway 16 approximately 27 miles to the Hazelton Road. Then travel southwest on the Hazelton Road ~4.8 miles to the Bull Camp Road. From this point the property is located approximately 9 miles southeast via the Bull Camp Road, a private road. From the south the Bull Camp Road is approximately 38 miles from Mayoworth via the Slip Road and the Hazelton Road. Both roads are seasonal gravel roads. From Ten Sleep, which lies west of the Bighorn Mountain range, the Bull Camp Road is located approximately 33 miles via the Rome Hill Road and the Hazelton Road. Again, both roads are seasonal gravel roads.

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The Jensen Bull Camp property offers heavy timber interspersed with hidden grassy parks on the north end of the property and open grass pastures towards the southern end. A number of undeveloped springs scattered throughout the property attract wildlife and provide livestock water.
An off-the-grid, three room, 864± square foot cabin was constructed of standing dead timber in 1997. Camp life is comfortably rustic with wood heat supplemented by a propane wall heater. Portable gas lanterns have been used for lighting. Water is hauled to camp and gravity fed to the cabin. Lastly, an outhouse completes the amenities.
In recent years, ~120-150 cow-calf pairs have been grazed on the property for three months from July – September. Current operations lease the pasture to a neighboring ranch for summer grazing.
Livestock have traditionally watered in the springs or Beaver Creek which runs along the very southern border of the property.
Resources: Square footage was obtained from the Johnson County Assessor’s website:

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The Bull Camp area of the southern Bighorn Mountains is predominately deeded acreage and remains under the ownership of a few large ranching operations. With access limited via a private road and legal easement, the area experiences limited traffic and use.
This long-term pattern of limited use has fostered a high-quality resident elk population as well as mule deer and antelope populations. Specifically, the Jensen Bull Camp is in Elk Hunt Area 34 and the elk are managed by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department (WGFD) as the South Bighorn Elk Herd.
The Jensen Bull Camp has had limited hunting with only ~2-4 bull elk taken yearly by the owner’s family and invited hunters. The property and the surrounding area are known for having elk in the 350” class with some bulls scoring upwards of 400” B&C. The property has qualified for and receives two landowner elk tags each year.
The (WGFD) website states: “Area 34 supports high numbers of elk with a high bull ratio.  Hunting is managed under a limited quota season structure with Type 1 any elk and Type 6 cow/calf licenses (valid on lands other than the Bighorn National Forest as most elk are found off the Bighorn National Forest). “
Mule deer are managed by the WGFD as the Upper Powder River Herd. The property is located in Deer Hunt Area 30 or Region Y for nonresident hunters. The WGFD website states: “Area 30 buck harvest is managed under a general license season with mule deer harvest limited to antlered deer on public lands or any deer on private lands.”
The property is within Antelope Hunt Area 20 which includes management of the Hazelton Antelope Herd. The WGFD states: “This hunt area is characterized by high antelope densities.  Although the buck ratio is high, expect to see average buck horn growth.”
The Wildlife Biologist in Buffalo for the Sheridan Region is Cheyenne Stewart (307) 684-2801. The Game Warden in Buffalo is Jim Seeman (307) 684-5223.

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