Norris-Washut Ranch - Campbell County, Wyoming

Type: Ranch

Deeded Acres: 2298

Leased Acres: 80

Total Acres: 2378

Asking Price: $2,595,000

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Outstanding, well-managed ranch for sale in Campbell County, Wyoming

Located 13 miles east of Gillette.
Excellent riparian area along Donkey Creek.
Excellent adjudicated water rights.
Well-balanced ranch.

2378± acres total of which 2298± acres deeded, 80± acres State lease. 

68± acres pivot-irrigated, 160± acres irrigated by gated pipe and flood.  Potential for an additional pivot sprinkler.

Donkey Creek, a year-around live water creek, traverses through the middle of the ranch which is an excellent riparian area that is highly productive and offers tremendous livestock shelter. 

Annual hay harvest ranges from 400-600 tons.    Excellent adjudicated water rights. 

No residence.  Well maintained set of headquarter improvements including good corrals, three cattle loafing sheds, storage buildings and a large 7488± sq. ft. shop/machine storage and office building with concrete floor throughout. 

Owned by the same family for three generations – first time ever offered for sale.  This is a really nice well-balanced ranch.

See brochure for maps of property.

For more information call John Pearson or Cheryl Summer at 307-684-9556.


More Ranch Details

Location Click To View

The Norris-Washut Ranch is located at Rozet, Wyoming in eastern Campbell County. The ranch lies 14 miles east of Gillette and 14 miles west of Moorcroft. Year-round access to the ranch is excellent via I-90 by taking Exit 141 then south one mile to the village of Rozet. From Rozet travel east one mile on State secondary Highway 51 to the entrance of the ranch.
The ranch is bisected by I-90 to the north and Highway 51 to the south. The two pastures north of I-90 are easily accessed via an underpass. The pasture south of Highway 51 is easily accessed via a County road, Bishop Road.
Two tracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad parallel Highway 51 at the ranch entry. The railroad does not cross any other part of the ranch. See for more information.

Ranching Operation Click To View

The Norris-Washut Ranch offers both year-round live water and an irrigated hay-base making this a very unique Campbell County ranch. Donkey Creek is the primary stream flowing through the ranch, but Buck Creek, South Buck Creek, and several reservoirs and small unnamed drainages provide seasonal surface water.
Donkey Creek provides irrigation water and creates excellent shelter along the deep bends of the waterway. The riparian area along Donkey Creek traverses the entire central part of the ranch and is highly productive. The surface water rights have been completed and Donkey Creek provides reliable irrigation water for 228± acres including one center pivot.
The topography of the ranch is quite level with elevations ranging from ~4,200-4,300’. Annual precipitation is reported to be about 14” with a 30-year average range of 12-16”.

2,298 ± Acres Deeded
80± Acres State of WY Lease
2,378± Acres Total
Acreages were obtained from the Campbell County Assessor’s Office ( and
the Wyoming Office of State Lands Investments (

NOTE: Additionally, for many years the Norris-Washut Ranch has utilized a 60± acre private grazing lease.

Livestock Carrying Capacity
Recently, the owners have been leasing the ranch to two different operators for grazing. Under this management strategy, cattle have been on the ranch for a period of 6-7 months during the spring-summer-fall seasons; no cattle have been on the ranch during the winter months. The irrigated meadows are grazed in the fall after harvest is complete. The owners have been selling the entire hay crop as they are not running their own cattle.
The owners rate the carrying capacity of the ranch at 175-200 animal units, year-round. This stocking rate takes into account the harvested hay that would then be retained and fed throughout the winter.
Future carrying capacity will vary with management and weather conditions. Interested buyers are instructed to conduct their own evaluation of potential carrying capacity.
Resource: Blaine Horn is the Rangeland Specialist for the University of Wyoming Extension Service serving northeast Wyoming. Located in Buffalo, WY he can be reached at [email protected] or (307) 684-2272

Irrigation & Hay Production
Donkey Creek, a tributary to the Belle Fourche River system, flows year-round through the Norris-Washut Ranch. Its watershed extends westerly and southerly with the headwaters located west/southwest of Gillette.
Over the years the owners have continued to improve the irrigation delivery system converting the tarp-and-dam flood irrigation to pivot and gated pipe irrigation. The Norris-Washut Ranch has excellent permitted water rights on 203± acres. The ranch has one (1) five-tower Valley center-pivot that irrigates 68± acres. An additional 135± acres are irrigated by gated pipe and flood irrigation. Lastly, 25± acres are subirrigated.
The ranch produces in the range of 400-550 tons of grass and alfalfa/grass mixed hay annually on 228± acres harvested.
The majority of the soils currently irrigated are either Arwite Fine Sandy Loam (See Type 103), Jaywest-Moorhead Loams (Type 167), or Moorhead Loam (Type 182) as shown below. Each is a Class 3e soil and is described as “prime farmland if irrigated”.
Broker’s Note: Irrigation, and pivot irrigation in particular, and having a local hay-base is quite rare in Campbell County. Most ranches in northeastern Wyoming either purchase all their winter hay or harvest dryland hay. The Norris-Washut Ranch is quite unusual within the area for having ample irrigation water to produce improved hay. The Norris-Washut Ranch has been selling all of its hay, baled either in small squares or round bales, to the active local hay market.

Surface Water Rights – Irrigation Water
Surface (Irrigation) Water Rights as Permitted by the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office:
Permit # and Facility Name CFS #Ac Priority Date
P1201.0R and P8208.0D The Louis Reservoir and The Louis Ditch 0.47 CFS (33 Ac) 2/3/1908
P1263.0R and P8384.0D The C.K. Knight Reservoir and The C.K. Knight Ditch 0.51 CFS (36 Ac) 5/9/1908
P32423.0D The Norris Washut Ditch 0.957 CFS (67 Ac) 9/13/1999
P33123.0D The Northwest Center Pivot 0.96 CFS (67 Ac) 6/8/2004
Irrigation water for the pivot is pumped via a 3-phase, 20 HP Baldor electric motor from the C.K. Knight Reservoir per the sketch found in permit P33123.0D and shown here.

Ground Water Rights – Domestic and Stock Wells
The ranch has excellent livestock water availability throughout the pastures. Each pasture has some surface water either via reservoir, seasonal drainage, or unnamed creeks and drainages. In addition, groundwater wells are distributed throughout the ranch. Some wells have not been utilized recently as the reservoirs and live water have been very reliable for the current, 3-season grazing utilization.
Ground Water Rights as Permitted by the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office:
Permit # Facility Name Use Appropriated GPM Total Depth Pump Depth Priority Date
P71150.0W The Brennan #1 Stock Watering 12 275’ 140’ 9/18/1985
P103662.0W The Brennan #1 Well Stock Watering 8 200’ 180’ 8/30/1996
P197848.0W The Dottie #1 Well Domestic & Stock 20 420’ 380’ 4/10/2012
In addition to the wells, Donkey Creek is a reliable source of livestock water through the central part of the ranch. The banks of Donkey Creek are generally very accessible to livestock.

Improvements & Equipment Click To View

Although there is no residence on the Norris-Washut Ranch there are many ideal locations to build a home. There is an existing septic system, domestic well, and electrical service at the site of the previous home.
A large shop/equipment shed was built in 2010. The 7,488± SF steel building has concrete flooring throughout and a concrete apron across the width of the entry. The building also houses an office space and a bathroom. For livestock handling, the ranch has very good corrals and pens, three (3) cattle loafing sheds (including one built in 2018), and miscellaneous storage buildings. The sorting pens, tub, and load-out are in need of replacement. 3-Phase power is available at the point of diversion for the center pivot.
The ranch road is improved gravel and the ranch headquarters are accessible year-round, with the exception of storm events, for shipping hay and cattle.
The owners have assembled and maintained an excellent line of equipment used in their haying operation. The buyer of the ranch will have the option to purchase the entire line of farm equipment separate from the purchase of the real estate. An equipment list will be made available to those with serious inquiry.

Offering Details Click To View

The Norris-Washut Ranch is being offered for
(Two million five hundred ninety five thousand dollars)
The Sellers shall require an all-cash sale at closing – No Seller financing or lease/purchase contracts.

The Sellers of the Norris-Washut Ranch reserve the right to effectuate a tax-deferred real estate exchange pursuant to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code and the Treasury Regulations promulgated thereunder. The Buyer shall agree to cooperate and shall not incur any additional liability or expense in connection with the Seller’s tax-deferred exchange.

Mineral Rights: No mineral rights are included. Any and all mineral rights owned by the Sellers, if any, shall be retained by the Sellers.

Real Estate Taxes: (2018): $2,676.44 as published by the Campbell County Assessor’s office:

Area Data Click To View

Situated within the resource-rich Powder River Basin, Gillette and Campbell County are central between the Big Horn Mountains to the west and the Black Hills of northeastern Wyoming and South Dakota.
Ranching in Campbell County (population ~46,242) is still a significant economic contributor to the area. See Page 11 for more information about the area.
Gillette, the Campbell County seat (population ~30,560) and the self-titled “Energy Capital of the Nation”, is home to and serves the workforce of big industries and entrepreneurs involved in the area’s rich supply of natural resources – namely oil, natural gas and coal. Gillette is an active city featuring many amenities such as:
• Outstanding educational facilities including several elementary schools, two junior high schools, two high schools and NWCC Gillette College, a two-year college;
• Campbell County Memorial Hospital, a 90-bed acute care, community hospital;
• Campbell County Recreation Center, a top-notch facility for family fun;
• The CAM-PLEX event center, which includes an NHL-sized ice rink and motocross facilities;
• 18-hole golf course;
• 35+ churches;
• Many fine dining options and grocery outlets including Walmart;
• Gillette is also just a short drive away from two national treasures — Devil’s Tower, Mount Rushmore, and many other recreational sites in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

More information available at, and

Climate and Geography
• 14″ of rain per year
• 57″ of snow per year
• Average number of sunny days: 212
• Average low: 14 degrees
• Average high: 86 degrees
• Average wind speed: 10.1 mph
• Length of “windy” season: 8.4 months (Spring & Fall)

Information resources :,,,

Wildlife Click To View

Nestled between the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills, the surrounding area is situated in the Powder River Basin where the geographical elements make for breathtaking scenery as well as many hunting and fishing opportunities. With more than 4,802 square miles of wilderness, Campbell County sports a large variety of wildlife that caters to any hunting type, whether it’s quietly stalking whitetail and mule deer, or following the migration of ducks and geese. Nearly 77,000 pronghorn call this region home, along with a multitude of mule deer, turkey, sage grouse and more wild animals.

The Belle Fourche River and Little Powder River are the main waterways that drain this magnificent high country. Spectacular fishing opportunities for fly fishing warm and cool water species can be had in the reservoirs, lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks that surround Gillette. Keyhole Reservoir is this area’s best known fishing spot. The reservoir is located north of I-90 between Gillette and Sundance. A good variety of warm water species predominate here: Black Crappie, White Crappie, Channel Catfish, Widemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Northern Pike and Walleye. Toilet, camping and Boat ramp facilities are available at Keyhole Reservoir.

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