A first-rate U.S. Forest Service grazing allotment with abundant grass and water and excellent weight gains.

  • Located east of Shell, WY in the Bighorn National Forest
  • 300 Cow/Calf Pairs  |  710 Head-Months
  • Historically used for cow-calf pairs, yearlings,or some combination thereof
  • Abundance of water and grass

The Shell Basin Grazing Allotment has been described as one of the best allotments on the Bighorn National Forest.  This private allotment is a Forest Service permit located in the Bighorn National Forest between Shell and Sheridan, WY.  The allotment may be accessed from Highway 14 and Forest Service Road 17.  From Ten Sleep or Hyattville, access is via the Alkali Road and Forest Service Road 17.


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The Shell Basin Grazing Allotment is located on the west side of the Bighorn Mountains.  The allotment is accessed from Shell or Sheridan by Highway 14 and Forest Service Road 17 from the Ranger Creek Station.  From Hyattville, access is via the Alkali Road and Forest Service Road 17.

The county line between Big Horn and Johnson County forms the eastern boundary of the allotment. The allotment extends into the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area on the east; therefore,  motorized vehicle use is restricted in part of the allotment.

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The Shell Basin Grazing Allotment is U.S. Forest Service Term Permit 40006 dated June 3, 2011 and managed by the Medicine Wheel-Paintrock Ranger District. The permitted uses for the cattle and horse allotment include grazing of 300 cow/calf pairs and 7 horses from July 11th to September 20th of each year.  This permitted use is 710 cow/calf head months and 17 horse head months.

Type Number Season Head Months

(Pairs or Yearlings)

300 7/11 – 9/20 710
Horses 17 7/110-9/20 17


Historically, the allotment has been used for cow-calf pairs, yearlings, or some combination of the two herd classes.  Gains have been excellent on both yearlings and calves.

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This grazing allotment has excellent water resources scattered throughout the allotment.  The two key waterbodies on every map are Shell Reservoir and Lake Adelaide.  At least 10 named water resources include:

Shell Reservoir  |  Adelaide Lake  |  Lake Arden

Mud Lake  |  Shell Lake

Shell Creek  |  Porcupine Creek  |  Buckley Creek

Adelaide Creek  |  Moraine Creek  |  Shell Canal


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Both grass and water are plentiful on the allotment and calf and yearling gains have been excellent.  Large areas of open grass are intermingled with timber throughout the allotment.  Cattle movement and grazing is influenced by active management of salt and mineral placement.  Currently, a rider attends the allotment about 3 days a week to move salt and inspect the cattle.

A camper trailer is used as a non-permanent cow-camp.  Horses are kept close in a rope corral & portable electric fence.  When not on the allotment the horses are kept on the Mill Creek Mountain Range acreage, a deeded parcel at the edge of the National Forest.


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The Forest Service requires a transfer of some base property (deeded land or cattle) with the transfer of a grazing permit.  The listing price does not include base property.  The Seller is open to communication and negotiation about base property that suits both Buyer and Seller.

The Mill Creek Mountain Range is a 120 acre parcel that would serve as a base property.  It is currently used to pasture the horses when the rider leaves the allotment.


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