Elk Hunting Property near Buffalo and Sheridan, Wyoming

Evitt's Bighorn Mountain Elk Camp


The Bighorn Mountain Elk Camp is the mountain parcel of the Evitt Ranch.  Located just northwest of Buffalo on the eastern slope of the Bighorn Mountains, the property offers a rare opportunity to own a spectacular piece of land adjacent to the Bighorn National Forest.

The beautiful mountain terrain consists of mountain meadows, timber patches filled with alpine fir, Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, and aspen.  A rustic hunting cabin sits at the edge of the timber.

Wildlife that inhabit the property include elk, mountain lion and bear.  The property is located within Elk Hunt Area 36, a general hunt area.  Licenses are available over-the-counter.  The Deer Hunt Area is Area 27 within Region Y, a general hunt area.

This area of the Bighorn mountains is home to hundreds of elk and the property lies just north of the Bud Love Wildlife Habitat Management Area.  The Bud Love WHMA provides crucial winter habitat for big game species including the 500 wintering elk and 200 mule deer.

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Elk Hunt Area 36 Map from MyTopo.com

Deer Hunt Area 27 Map from MyTopo.com